The links included here are where I will have the Sand Ship Discovery this summer, 2023.  Loren and I always wanted to take our Jeep, the Sand Ship Discovery, to the various Overland Expos and Jeep Festivals held each year across the U.S.  We wanted to tell our story and show the Discovery to overland and Jeep enthusiast.  But as most of you know, we worked, and our busiest season was spring, summer, and fall, so we kept putting it off.  Sadly, we put it off way too long, and now Loren is not with me to help me accomplish this intimidating task.  I thought about putting it off for a year, but as I have learned the hard way recently, life changes in a heartbeat. 

     So, with the help and encouragement of family and friends, I will fulfill our dream this year!  I will give an hour-long slide presentation at each event and exhibit the Sand Ship Discovery.  The following is my schedule and links to the various events.  If you find yourself in the neighborhood, please plan on visiting. 


Overland Expo - West

Flagstaff, AZ

May 19th – May 21st


Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival

Cooper’s Lake Campground, Slippery Rock, PA

June 9th – June 11th


Toledo Jeep Fest

Glass City Convention Center, Toledo Ohio

August 4th – August 6th


Overland Expo - Mt. West

Loveland, CO

August 25th – August 27th


     I will be towing a 20’ enclosed car hauler with the Sand Ship Discovery inside, and to say I’m a bit apprehensive about this daunting adventure would be an understatement.  But Loren’s words keep me going…..     


What I dare..., I will. 

What I will..., I do!