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Outback of Beyond Adventures

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SOUTHWARD BOUND - 2011 - 2012

Loren and I are headed south of the border and we are looking for adventurous fellow travelers who would like to join us later this year (2011) and early 2012 for a 2 - 3 month road trip from the United States to Panama and back.  No exact dates or routes at this time - working on the rubber band principle - totally flexible.  We will be driving our 2007 Dodge 3500 pick-up truck with a shell and we will be camping out in official campgrounds as much as possible.  We are looking for other likeminded / family friendly travelers who wish to travel in their own rig.  We will each take care of ourselves.  If you are interested, please email us at: patricia@outbackofbeyond.com


Places we want to go to and things we want to do.

The Final Mile

Our plans for the winter of 2000 - 2001 have changed.  In the past couple of years things, bad things, have happened and we feel now is not the time to venture into the Middle East.   We had planned on returning to Israel and Jordan, with our Jeep, and driving the Final Mile of our  Roads End to Roads End Jeep Expedition, a world circumnavigating expedition. However, our plans have once again been thwarted by human nature with the recent political unrest in the Middle East in particular and in the World in general.

We have put that "plan" on hold once again and decided we would begin another expedition that we have long been planning – Great Deserts of the World Research Project. This will be the beginning of a monumental hands-on research project that, with time and money, will eventually evolve into an educational overland expedition encompassing the world’s thirteen major desert regions. This winter we will be traveling in the deserts of Southern California, Arizona and Nevada and we will primarily be retracing legendary trails that crossed these great sands, i.e. historic routes of conquest, old trade routes, and previous explorer’s routes of discovery. In addition we will be interested in cataloging all of the many smaller locally named deserts that lie within the larger well-known deserts.

We decided last year, 1999, that we would not be here this winter – we are not snow bunnies, but rather desert rats.  So it is off to the warm sands of the deserts, outback of beyond.  Anyone wish to join us? 

Great Deserts of the World Research Project - Exploratory Overland Expedition

The world is divided into many, many deserts, some hot and a few, by definition - cold, such as the South Pole. We, however, are only concerned with the hot deserts, the arid and semi-arid lands that circle the globe, both above and below the equator, basically between the 15th and 35th parallels. The exact number is hard to define, although we have decided to follow the University of Arizona Arid Lands Study and use the convenient number of thirteen. Those thirteen are: North American, Peruvian/Atacama, Monte/Patagonian, Australian, Gobi, Takla-Makan, Turkestan, Thar (Indian), Iranian, Arabian, Sahara, Somali/Chalbi, and Namib/Kalahari. Now, inside each and every one of those deserts there are countless smaller deserts, each with its own local name. One of the expedition's goals will be to record and catalog all these names, including a description and the boundaries of each desert.

The overall theme of the expedition will be: "a grand romantic high adventure exploratory expedition of stimulating discovery....mostly self-discovery!"

On this exploratory expedition we will primarily be retracing historic routes of conquest, old trade routes, and previous explorer's routes of discovery that crossed these great sands. We will visit historical sites, archeological digs, and unique geological formations; we will talk with the on-site experts and have live, on-line discussions with young students around the world. It will be "exploratory," which is, according to Webster, "of, in, or for exploration." We will not necessarily know exactly what is there, nor will we always know exactly where "there" is. But we will explore and find out, and once we do, we want to share our findings with anyone who has access to the Internet, primarily young school children.

We plan on using the latest Internet satellite communication system to bring these remote areas and its people into the classroom for children around the world. In other words, breathe life into history and earth science. Hopefully we will be able to inspire our young (and those not so young) students to venture forth into the unknown. To paraphrase the Bard of India, Rudyard Kipling, and the writer's of Star Trek, "to go look for something hidden behind the ranges, outback of beyond - to seek out strange new worlds and their exotic civilizations." We want the expedition to be a learning experience for all that participate, both the "in-the-field" team members and the "on-line" younger school children.

We will be using a variety of vehicles that will project an image of romantic high adventure, such as specially built and equipped 6x6 ex-military five or ten ton trucks or smaller 4x4 sport utility vehicles. The trucks will be outfitted to carry 12 to 20 "in-the-field" team members. Our decision to use such high profile vehicles is because the expedition will not be done up in gray or black overtones, but rather in uplifting, inspiring bright colors to catch the public's eye and imagination. We will be strictly out for the experience of it all, grand romantic high adventure experience - at its best!

Mack Truck Prototype





We, Loren and Patricia Upton, are looking for some conservative, level headed men and women of all ages, who are not afraid of demanding healthy hard work, to join us as partners / team members in building a not for profit world class overland exploratory expedition company; Great Deserts of the World Research Project - A Grand Romantic Overland High Adventure Exploratory Expedition of Discovery...Self Discovery.

To start with we are looking for individuals with specific talents.

#1 People who are familiar with the latest satellite communication systems and remote world-wide Internet access.

#2 People who have multimedia / journalistic skills.

#3 People who are able to function as top notch diesel truck mechanics, skilled off-road drivers and are also capable of helping us design and build expedition rolling stock.

#4 People who are familiar with corporate structuring; such as the legalities of forming and marketing such a company.

#5 People who have teaching credentials in history and earth/life science.

#6 People to work behind the scene, doing important research projects that can be accomplished by the "in-the-field" team members.

All partners / team members must be capable and willing to teach / instruct other partners / team members as to their qualifying expertise concerning the expedition, as well as be able to give lectures to schools, clubs, and civic organizations if called upon to do so.

Ideally many of these partners / team members will be retired professionals (academic or vocational) married, with spouses who might also wish to become involved in these grand romantic high adventure challenges - out back of beyond! And if they have "like minded" children, who are old enough, who knows - maybe they can be fitted in. We all have to begin some time - somewhere. What we are planning will most likely not be for your average 9 to 5, come home, watch junk TV - couch potatoes!

If this particular type of innovating project should be of some interest to you personally (or if you know of someone who might be interested) then please do contact us at your earliest convenience. We are always open to constructive positive well meaning suggestions, comments or questions coming from those of you who are looking for a somewhat different challenge!

Please - if not for the grand romantic mystique of it all, then why inquire in the first place!!!

Our personal background for doing these types of long protracted overland exploratory expeditions is fairly extensive. We've spent the better part of 20 years on many exploratory overland expeditions traveling the world over, via Jeep, motorcycle, and horseback.

As far as we can ascertain, we are the first to drive a Jeep around the world on a north-south course, Roads End to Roads End - Arctic Ocean to Arctic Ocean via the tip of South America and South Africa (except for a one mile political "gap"- the Final Mile). A World Odyssey - The Epic Voyage of the Sand Ship Discovery was a five year, 56,000 mile grand romantic high adventure exploratory expedition of stimulating discovery .... self-discovery!

We have a Guinness Book of Records entry for completing the first all land crossing of the somewhat notorious Darien Gap of Panama and Colombia via Jeep. The Gap is a roadless 125 miles of dense tropical rain forest, rugged mountains and bottomless swamps that required a staggering 741 days to successfully cross. If we can raise the funds, we want to return to the Middle East and drive the Sand Ship Discovery that Final Mile and close that one mile political gap. If we do, we have a chance of adding to our Guinness Book Record entry for being the first to drive overland from Arctic Ocean to Arctic Ocean, around the world.

In addition we may receive yet another Guinness Book entry for completing the first all land crossing of that said same infamous Darien Gap via motorcycle - Through the Gap - The Taking of the Windmill ... a grand romantic 49 day struggle.

Please do let us hear from you via e-mail (patricia@outbackofbeyond.com) or snail mail - P.O.Box 803, Salmon, Idaho 83467 USA. Or you can  fill out our form on line.


1997- 2011 Loren & Patricia Upton. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.


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Outback of Beyond Adventures
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