Laurence Upton, Loren’s nephew is undertaking the monumental task of restoring the Sand Ship Discovery, our 1966 CJ-5 Jeep to her pre-expedition glory.  This is for a couple of reasons.  The Sand Ship Discovery is 50 years old and she has done her fair share of off-roading and it shows.  And the second reason is that we are hoping to get enough funding to close that Final Mile in our world circumnutating expedition.   Please see the Face Book page Laurence has set up,  Restore Jeep or the Go Fund Me page.

Loren is going to be 83 years old this year, 2018. He has some on-going medical problems that are beginning to cause some concern; his memory is beginning to fade; due to wet macular degeneration is eye sight is also fading; and then there is the fact he IS 82 years old and is not as nimble as he was thirty years ago. His dream has always been to DRIVE ONE American Made vehicle around the world, not a series of them; to remain entirely on land, not resort to the easy way of shipping around the more difficult areas, either politically or geographically.

I would like to note at this time that the entire five year journey in the Sand Ship Discovery was totally funded by a carpenter, Loren; with a little bit of help from a secretary, me. We were fortunate to obtain product sponsors after the Dairen Gap was crossed but we have always been the type to do it ourselves, and not go knocking on doors asking for anything, until now. So this whole Go Fund Me thing is new to us and is being spearheaded by Laurence. This entire project will be the greatest memorial gift Loren could ever receive, please help in whatever way you can. Please read Roads End and World Odyssey to get a better understanding of what we have done.

Goal: To drive ONE American made vehicle around the world on a north/south course, Roads End to Roads End, Arctic Ocean to Arctic Ocean, entirely on land except for the South Atlantic Ocean.

We want to make his dream come true, if at all possible by the fall of 2018. That means we need to get the Sand Ship Discovery restored to pre-expedition glory, not off the show-room floor quality, but instead ready again to go on expedition so that we can get back to Israel and close that gap, the Final Mile and finally be able to reach that unreachable star; drive one American made vehicle around the world on a north / south course, Roads End to Roads End – Arctic Ocean to Arctic Ocean, entirely on land, except for the South Atlantic Ocean.

It has been thirty years (March 4, 1987) since we successfully crossed the Darien Gap of Panama and Colombia (Loren’s fourth attempt), driving and winching the Sand Ship Discovery the entire 125 miles.  The 741 day expedition was the first crossing of the Darien Gap entirely on land in a motor vehicle, as noted in the 1992 Guinness Book of Records.  But the Darien Gap was just a small portion, mileage wise, of our Roads End to Roads End world circumnavigating expedition.   In September of 1988 when we were in the Middle East and trying to drive from Israel to Jordan we came to a road block, literally and figuratively.   Israel and Jordan were technically at “war” therefore providing a new obstacle to our all land route, one posed by Human Nature and not Mother Nature as was the Dairen Gap.  Mother Nature is a whole lot more forgiving.

In addition to restoring the Sand Ship Discovery and closing the Final Mile we would like to find a fitting and suitable resting place for a Guinness Book of Record holder, the Sand Ship Discovery!  

Any assistance you can provide will be greatly appreciated, more than you can possibly know.   Please check out Restore Jeep on Facebook and the Go Fund Me page.   And if you have any questions, please feel free to ask either Laurence Upton or us.  Many, many thanks for your consideration to this project.