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Outback of Beyond Adventures

P.O. BOX 803-SALMON, ID 83467

E-MAIL: patricia@outbackofbeyond.com
Outback of Beyond Adventures

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Outback of Beyond Adventures is all about Loren Upton and myself, Patricia Upton, and our grand romantic high adventure overland expeditions to some of the more remote and exotic places around the world. We will be describing the fascinating places we have been and the unforgettable things we have seen. You will find stories and photos of our travel adventures, how to order our helpful guide book on the Darien Gap, how to arrange a slide presentation of our far away travels, and information on our future plans for an exploratory overland expedition into the great deserts of the world. Plus facts about our sponsors, a travel bulletin board, and interesting links to still more outback places for you and other adventure seeking people to explore. So please, do come join us Outback of Beyond.


This web site is dedicated to two very special people, Kandi Lee Upton, Loren's grand-daughter and Carrie Marie Mercier, my daughter. If I can give you nothing else, I want to give to the both of you the desire to go forth, venture into the unknown, explore - outback of beyond! There is a wide, wonderful exciting world just waiting to be explored, all you must do is open the door! You will make mistakes in life, it is part of living and growing, however, please do not make the greatest mistake of all and do nothing with your life. With all my love.......Patty / Mom


Contact Information

Please do feel free to drop us a note concerning any of our travels past or proposed. We are always open to constructive, positive, well meaning suggestions, comments or questions.

Postal address
P.O. Box 803 Salmon, ID 83467
Electronic mail
General Information: patricia@outbackofbeyond.com

Send mail to patricia@outbackofbeyond.com   with questions or comments about this web site.
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Last modified:  November 9, 2012

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